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About MoCoLoCo

My family and I enjoy spending time away from the TV and tablets and when provided with colouring pencils, our children engaged in longer periods of play. We had great family fun which allowed our children to focus better and play more creatively. We wanted to bring fun, adventure and conversation to a favourite pastimeā€¦.colouring! My nine-year-old daughter suggested creating our own poster, and so we did!

Our background in education, and life lessons as parents have shown the importance of digital respite, creative application and spending time with developing minds. As well as encouraging communication and creativity, our products encourage children to play for longer and help to improve their attention span.

The MoCoLoCo journey begins with the launch of our jumbo size colouring posters, where your imagination takes over and the fun begins. Our designs are inspired by children of all ages and carefully created to engage the whole family. We genuinely believe that more colour is more fun!